Royals Personalized Transportation Services

About Us

Royals Personalized Transportation Services, LLC (RPTS) is a non-emergency medical and personalized transportation services company, serving communities in the Twin-cities Metro areas in the State of Minnesota. We are specialized in providing professional, reliable, and friendly door-to-door transportation service to our customers. We provide assistance with a walker or wheelchair pick-up. We are not only in a transportation business, but a business that focuses on building relationship with the people we serve. When you ride with us, we guarantee you a friendlier, punctual, efficient, reliable, and professional service.

RPTS provides the following transportation services to meet your medical and personal transportation needs:

Medical Transportation Services (MTS)-to meet your non-emergency medical transportation needs, which include: routine doctor/Dental, Behavioral Health Services, Pharmacy trips, etc.

Community Personal Transportation (CPT)-to meet your community transportation needs that include: shopping, visits to recreation/community centers, airport pick-up/drop-off, day programs transportation, and other social/family events.

Authorized Minor Child Pick-up/Drop-off Service-to help alleviate the challenges parents/guardians face in getting their children to and from schools and extra curriculum/sporting activities.

Our vehicles are licensed by the MNDOT, STS, and meet all required Federal and State guidelines.

To schedule a ride, please click Request a Ride/Quote or call us at Phone # 612-986-3151, Direct Office Phone # 763-205-4620, or via email: Our areas of coverage include the Twin Cities Metropolitan in these counties: